Facial in a Bag


Bathroom Models

Loaning out Tester Products is an amazing way to let your customers (and future customers!) try Skin Care at home with no pressure.

Then you can customize your offer to them after they've tried it for a week.

1. Do they love it, but can't afford it?

Offer them a hostess discount and they can share it with their friends in a fun, social way to earn a discount.

2. Do they need a different Skin Care line?

Great! Now you know what to offer them next as a tester.

3. Do they want to buy it right away?

Awesome! When customers TRY, they BUY!


Use these CUTE sheets to put in with the testers and then put it all in a mesh bag from the Starter Kit.


This next PDF has every skin care line.

Click any picture to download the entire PDF with every Skin Care Line.

TimeWise 3D, Repair, Clear Proof, Naturally,

Men, & Botanicals!

Here's our very own Kelly taking her testers with TimeWise 3D to her first bathroom model!