Guest Event Theme: Topic – You Deserve it Night Featuring Product of the Month

Time: 7:30pm-8:15ish

Featuring Directors & Consultants via Freedom Zoom

Guests watch in BES Facebook Group 



Invite script:don't forget to add fun emojis!

  • 1st Attempt:

Hi there – It's YOUR NAME, your MK girl! I hope you're doing well! Exciting news! I have launched a special virtual event to honor women in the community and I would like to honor you! I thought of you because . I hope you can take the night off for some spa pampering from your couch! Oh! And if any of your girlfriends just came to mind as someone you'd like to nominate for this special honor, you can totally nominate her for this exclusive event as well and I can send her an invite, too!

(Send event graphic)

  • 2nd Attempt (if haven't heard back in 2 days):

Hey there! I just wanted to check in to see if you're interested in the virtual event honoring women in the community! I know how easy it is for texts to get buried (it happens to me all the time) so I like to check in just in case! Let me know either way! I'll have a spa package and a gift card for you and you can get pampered from the comfort of your own couch! Haha! Hope you are doing great! Chat soon! Hugs, Sara

  • 3rd Attempt (if haven't heard back in 2 days):

Hey there! Totally don't want to bother you, but spots are filling up and I don't want you to miss out! Let me know if you want me to send your spa package so you can join me for this super fun virtual pampering event! It's absolutely OK if you aren't interested –just let me know and I'll take you off my list! No worries! I'll give you a quick call if I don't hear back from ya just in case that's easier. Hope today is a great day! Hugs! Sara

  • 4th Attempt (if haven't heard back in 2 days):

Hello! Just wanted to reach out one last time – you must be super busy! I totally understand – hope everything is OK with you! Shoot me a quick text today if you'd like to join me for some pampering, otherwise I'll reach out to you in the next couple of months. No worries! Thank you! Hugs, Sara

When she replies “Yes! So fun!” …

Yay! It's on day/time and I even have a special “You Deserve It” spa package for you! I'll pop it in the mail! Let me know if you'd also like to nominate a friend. I'll pop one in the mail for her, too. (The sooner the better to make sure her package arrives in time, too!) Sound good? What's your address? (If she isn't a customer already)


Perfect. Thank you! Real quick: what is your skin type these days? Normal/dry/oily/combo? And what is one area you'd like to change or improve about your skin? This will help me to know what to put in your spa package!

When she responds with her answer …

Great! Thanks! Here is the link to join our Beauty, Empowerment, & Sisterhood Facebook Group ( so you can get all the scoop + reminders about the upcoming event. Just click and enter my name as your consultant. Also, you have the option to join this event live via zoom (my favorite way!) so we can all gather around the “virtual table” and get pampered together OR you can view the Watch Party from our Virtual Studio on Facebook. Which would you prefer?

When she gives you her preference …

Ok great! All of the info you'll need will be posted in the Facebook Studio, so click to join as soon as you can so you don't miss anything. I'll also send you some personal messages as well to remind you as it gets closer. Sound good?

When she says “Yes!” …

You're so welcome! I can't wait to honor you – you SO deserve it! See you soon!