This 80/40 Hostess offer will change the game for your bookings!


Watch, listen, and TRY THIS  

for your next 30 faces!


I LOVE this plan because EVERYONE needs a 2nd/follow-up appointment and women love FREE product.

When you offer someone $40 off their purchase, over $80 purchase minimum, WHEN they BOOK a 2nd BEAUTY EXPERIENCE with 3 NEW people. 

Example:  If someone was purchasing $165 at a facial or Beauty Experience and they wanted to get a $40 credit for Booking their 2nd Beauty Experience with 3 people.  They total would be $125 that day. .

You tell them you would charge them the additional $40 on the day of their party if they do not hold the Beauty Experience.  

LISTEN to this video to understand it completely!

💗 This is my Million Dollar girlfriend Stacey Craft.💗


You can use this graphic to give your customers a visual on why they should become a hostess!




After saving these, have them printed either 2-up or 4-up on each sheet and the VISUAL is a great way to get people excited to host their party!

There will LESS CANCELATIONS with this 80/40 method! A true GAME-CHANGER!



  ⬆️⬆️⬆️  After you save these, have them printed through Office Max with your Mary Kay discount (find the discount card on MK InTouch)

and put 2-up on each page.


Then hand them out to anyone who books their 2nd Beauty Experience/Party and then follow up with a text message the next day!



Hi, I'm so excited to have a party with you and help you get your MK product at half off! Here's a link to the latest Look Book if you want to get browsing ahead of time


New Faces Take You Places, Diane

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