Follow these tips and resources to master working virtually!

I send the following items in my spa packets.
Miracle Set or Repair Set Sample
Microderm Sample
Charcoal Sample
Set Sheet with Fabulous Game
I send the following items in my spa packets.

Your envelope should look like this.

Resources for Making Packets

You can use any color envelope, they don't have to be pink
Pink Envelopes
 Butterfly Stamps (non-machinable) and extra ounce stamp from USPS

To ship products from home:
Food scale
For packages you can use paypal
To schedule a package pickup at your house

Scripts to Book

Hey -----! Listen, ahhh! I just started a Mary Kay business/ I am learning to work virtually and I'm so excited and nervous. My mentor has challenged me to practice pampering 15 ladies in 15 days. Could I borrow your face and drop you a pampering package in the mail? It's FREE and lots of fun! Plus if you let me borrow your face (virtually) I promise to give it back softer than I found it! :)

What to say when they say yes:
You are the best! Would a weeknight or weekend work best for you? 6 or 7? GREAT!!

If they need to know more about it share this:
Here's the details! This includes a one time skin treatment and one time microdermabrasion treatment. I will mail you a package of these. Plus you can pick up to 8 bridesmaids/family/friends. I will also send them a package(for free). First You and I will pick a date and time that I have available on my calendar for all of us to do a virtual call via zoom. I will guide you through the pampering. We will also play some games and just make it fun. So I have Thursday the 23rd @7 available or Saturday the 25th @6pm or 8pm which is best for you?

Once you've scheduled her:
Thanks so much for letting me pamper you!  Since my goal is 15 women you get free product when you invite some girls to join you. Who would you want to invite? Tell me is your skin normal, dry, combination or oily? Is there anything that aggravates you about your skin? Have you ever tried Mary Kay before?

Mail out her packet ASAP! Give yourself 7 days for the packet to arrive if she lives out of state.

Once they book use this script

Thanks so much! I'll get your pampering package made up asap! By the way... If you'd like a fun free gift watch this video about our company and text me the password.

IF they respond with the password: grit and grace... you can give them a $5 off gift card with you!

Save this picture and send to them. Make sure to let them know this is only valid with you! :)

Virtual Session Example

Virtual Beauty Experience

Individual Close

During the Zoom Session Say:
I'm going to call each of you individually to
#1 Thank you profusely. Like a lot for helping me with my huge goal of______. I know (becoming a star) doesn't mean anything to you but in MK its a big deal. So you have no idea what you did for me today!
#2 Ask you if you want to host your own virtual party to get a 50% off shopping spree and get you that free Satin Hands, Plus you are helping (hostess' name) get her Microderm for free when 2 of you book, and she really wants it!
#3 Ask if there is anything I can ship out to you. Its going to arrive in a couple of days.
Who should I call first, maybe you're going to bed early?
Who should I call last, need to put a kid to bed?

Call each of them
Hi Susie, so are you ready?
Seriously thank you so much for helping me with (goal). I am really so very grateful!
Did you have a good time today?
How does your skin feel?
Do you have any questions for me?

Close the Sale
Of the sets on the specials sheet what would you like me to send out to you?
(Get her card info/payment)

Book her next appointment
For your next session did you want to get your order today at half off for sharing it with your friends?
If yes explain program:
Great! I'll just need the names, addresses and numbers of your guests.  I'll text you the freebies (send the image) When you have 6 or more there you'll keep your 50% off. With 10 there you'll get your Satin Hands Free!
If you need to cancel I'll just run the second half of your payment the day of the appt. 

(If she sent you a referral list)
Do you want to include everyone on your fabulous game sheet or just some of them?

Either way:
Were you wanting to do more spa treatments or color?
(If she is not hosting then schedule her for FB Live Color or Skin Care Session)

Lastly part of my training is to equip me to answer questions about our business. Could I send you a video that shares more info about MK and we do a follow up call for my training with my business partner. You will go into a drawing for a $100 in cash just for doing it!

The link to send when she says yes

Vox me and share your results!