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Your customer will get a chance to win $100 FREE PRODUCT just for having a fun, friendly, NO-PRESSURE phone call conversation with me or watch a Mary Kay Business Opportunity video.



If you click and print this image, you can keep copies in your money bag to give out at closing time at your parties and facials.

Here's a script you can use!!

I would love your help with something. If you follow this link, it will give you more information about Mary Kay, then your name would go into a drawing for $100 in FREE product! All you have to do is click the link, pick a video, and do a short survey! Would you be able to give me just a few minutes of your time by clicking here? ----->


Here's an amazing Closing Sheet that has the PINK Opportunity Sharing method. You will love this at your parties. Use the Flip Chart included below!

This FLIP CHART will help you walk through the Opportunity portion at the end of your parties. The PINK plan is changing the game for so many consultants.

You can use these images to PASS ON this great opportunity!

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A thriving Mary Kay business can provide that for them.




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