We are so happy that there has been so much interest in our live events.  We pray that this information blesses you, and gives you the tools to hold your own events.  We ask that you PLEASE do not request access to our private group or message us with questions.  We hope that you understand that we cannot possibly respond to the number of messages that we have received or accept all of the requests for the group.  We have found it nearly impossible to monitor the group and find our own unit members and guests to serve them.  So we humbly ask that you use this link as your resource.  We will update it with the latest and greatest of what we have to share so you won't miss a thing.  Just check back here!  Most of us are at our maximum friend capacity on Facebook and are unable to accomodate any more friend requests.  You may find us on Instagram though!  Thanks so much for understanding.  You're going to ROCK your events we just know it!

Step 1: Watch This Video To See a Live Happy Hour In Action
Live Happy Hour Replay.mp4
Step 2: Look Here For All Available Documents


Please note that we have included all of our documents here.  If you are looking for something that you do not see here then please know that we do not have it. 

Also, we have provided the editable versions of any documents that we have.  However, if you get an error message when trying to download something then it means that you do not have the software on your computer to edit.  Please use the PDF version or create your own.  Thank you for understanding!  We pray this blesses you!

Script to Book Guests(Editable In Microsoft Word)

Script to Book Guests (PDF)

Happy Hour Agenda

Closing Sheet (PDF)

Step 3: Yay! I Booked a Shake Up Your Makeup - But What the Heck Is That?
Virtual Shake up Your Makeup Demo.mp4
Step 4: Have a Question? Watch This.
Happy Hour FAQ.mp4

If you have any technical questions that aren't answered here such as how to set up Zoom or how to project to a Facebook Group, we recommend using Curtis J. Hannah.  His company helps you with all technical things!  He's super affordable and you'll just love him.  You may contact him at (859) 583-4458 or =)