Our Dream Believer Family has demonstrated EXCELLENCE in sharing and selling MARY Kay product.  

Now it's time for G.R.O.W.T.H.!!!

The next file I included is a GREAT way to individually close your sales at your Facials & Parties.

You can listen HERE to my frend Lauren talk about how the Individual Close works! 

I even made you a Cheat Sheet to print and keep with you at the closing!

Read over it many times so you can recall it easily when it's time to close your parties.  PRINT a copy & keep it with you as your grow and learn.  

The Referral Game

After your guests apply CC Cream, play the Referral Game with your guests.

Here's detailed instructions on HOW TO play

The Referral Game.



Always have plenty of Closing Sheets for the Individual Close.


Laminate 2 copies in color with the STARTER KIT flyer on the back side. I put one FACE up with the STARTER KIT SIDE UP on the table for my appointments!


The 2nd laminated copy is at the "One on One"

close out station.

PICK one of these Closing Sheets to use for your parties.

Just CLICK, SAVE & PRINT paper copies for your guests!



Starter Kit Sheet


CLICK & PRINT these sheets 4-up and cut them so you can ask at your appointments.  "WHO LOVES FREE"  show and explain the benefits of having a Mary Kay business to each woman at your party!

If you're the type of woman who loves detail, I included this comprehensive PDF with everything you would want to know to do a party. Check it out here.

And here are the Tray Inserts if you'd like those, too!

I hope these help you with the Individual Close because when you perfect this, you will grow your team!!

Believing in you! Diane


Diane Lundgren

(719) 207-1037