GirlswithPearlsBanner.pngPut the Girls with Pearls program to work for you!

The Pearls of Sharing Program

is designed to help you grow your team.

Sharing the MK Opportunity is how that is done best.

How DO YOU share the MK Opportunity?

  • Start telling others about your MK Business
  • Ask them if they'd be willing to support you
  • You can send this link we've created for you

You can use this script by calling and speaking to them,

or texting it out to them.

CALLing FIRST is always best.  People can hear your excitement!

1.  Call, if you dont get them leave a positve Message

2.  After calling 5-10 people go back and send a FOLLOW-UP Text to everyone you called!


 Hey girl,  I just left you a voice mail.☎️ 🌷I am so excited.  I just started my Mary Kay small business & I am working on completing my leadership training  & I have a favor to ask of you. Would you be willing to participate in a 3-way call with me and my coach/trainer?☎️  It only takes about 15 minutes! All you need to do to prepare for the call is to watch/listen to a short video. Plus your name will be put in a drawing for $100 in FREE PRODUCT for helping me! Would you help me 😊

P.S. You'd also be entered into a drawing for $100 of free Mary Kay product!  😊


Then send them the link below.

It will send them to this webpage where they can watch a video and respond with a quick survey.

bcoav66q5hs8oksgc81tu0jm9in0asg0cc00Ask them to contact you after they've watched the video and done the survey and ask if they would be willing to do one more favor. 

Thank you so MUCH for doing that. It is so helpful for me to keep working toward my goal. Would you also be willing to do a 3-Way Call with me and my Mary Kay mentor? It should only be about 20 minutes. Would you help me?

Use this sheet to help you track!

Tracked numbers GROW!

Click it and Print it!



I hope this helps you gain the confidence you need to take your business to the next level!

You will be building your team and achieving your goals!


Believing in you!


Diane Lundgren,   (719) 207-1037   (928) 220-6414