Inventory & Financing

You will get a gift from me when you do these few steps within your first 24 hours of receiving this.

Step 1: Download the above sheet and print it (if you're able). You will need it for Step 3.

Step 2: Click the link below. It's titled "Listen to this message on Inventory! Click here."

Step 3: Take a look at the sheet to help you understand while you listen to the recording.

Step 4: Follow through for your prize! Text or call me to let me know you've listened. We will have an Inventory call and get your set up for your next steps. I will send your prize out asap!





Why keep inventory...?

1. Customers will buy more!

You will sell more if you have it on hand! If customers can’t take it home, they will convince themselves they don't need it! Clearly having product on hand will encourage them to make a purchase.

2. You will save time!

Grab it from your inventory, give it to your customer, and get back to what you were doing. No extra ordering and trips back and forth to drop off product.

3. Professionals get more business!

You will give off an awesome and professional impression when you have everything on hand. People will be excited to recommend you to their friends because you always come through.


Inventory Worksheet: Print the third page of this PDF because it has an excellent worksheet where you can calculate the best option for your inventory! I can help you work through this on your coaching call. (You will need to login to your MK InTouch for this link to work.) . Click here!

Great Start Program: On your marks, get set, GO! You will want to know all about the new Great Start program. Check out the details here.  Click here!

Bundles & Bonus Calculator :

You can earn bonuses and FREE product through ordering bundles and qualifying for bonuses. Here is an incredible Calculator Sheet that will help you maximize your inventory!

Personal Use Worksheet:

You will want to use Mary Kay head to toe! As you fall in love with product, you will be able to sell it with personal passion. Use this worksheet to order some items for yourself to get started as well!  Click here!

Credit Karma: Credit Karma is a GREAT place to check your financing options and it's FREE! When you're preparing to stock your business, it's good to know what your options are.   Click here!bcoav66q5hs8oksgc81tu0jm9in0asg0cc00

I am here to walk you through the best option for YOU! Each person is different and I want to help you get started on the right foot. Call me now! 719-207-1037

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