Congratulations and welcome to our Mary Kay Family!!

My name is Terezeja Lemieux and I'm thrilled to be one of the first to congratulate you on your new business! As your business coach and mentor, I care about your future and am 110% committed to helping you succeed. Now, whether you've started your business to take advantage of the great discount, as a way to earn some fantastic part-time cash, as the means to replace your current income, or possibly to earn a six-figure income, you're in the right place at the right time and below you'll find some important first steps!

Pink Hugs,



The first thing we are going to do is set up your New Consultant Orientation. Call or text me at: 703-606-6794 to set up a time. During your orientation we will get to know each other, chat about what your goals are for your business and go over your first steps to success in your new Mary Kay business!

Complete these 3 things before your orientation and receive a free Satin Lips Set!

1. Watch the New Consultant Welcome video and Inventory options video below!

2. Complete the Tell Me About You form!

3. Log into and use your consultant number to set up your log in information. It will ask you to create a password!

Video #1: Welcome to the Freedom Unit!



What’s better than fun and free? Nothing! With Great Start: Ready, Set, Sell!, you can get the most profit in your pocket when you place your first order and start your Mary Kay business strong. Share beauty with your family and friends. Have a blast meeting new friends. And you can earn free product bonus bundles each valued at up to $158. Are you ready to have the time of your life? Let’s go!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Watch the video below and discuss it with me during your orientation.
  2. Decide how much product is right for you to start your business.
  3. Place your initial $600 or more wholesale Section 1 order in your first two months.
  4. Choose free Ultimate Product Bonus Bundles that you can sell for up to 100 percent profit.

Free Color Look: A Welcome Gift for You

When you place a $600 or more wholesale Section 1 order in the first 15 days of starting your business, you’ll get a gorgeous color look worth $129 suggested retail.

Click here to check out the Ready, Set, Sell! Brochure with all the Bonuses!

I remember being so nervous when I was deciding whether or not to have product on hand. Just know how much or how little you start with is completely up to you. I am here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

New Consultants usually ask me what options there are to start their business with product on hand. One option is the MK Chase Visa HERE It offers 0% for 12 months, and 3% unlimited Cash Back on Mary Kay Purchases! You can also visit to see your free credit score. This is a great tool to view your credit report and it will also offer options based on your credit score for the best financing options. (as a consumer you are entitled to a free credit report through each agency every year.)