Hostess Programs to Choose From:

#1 Option 1 - Perfect for New Consultants & Debuts 

#2 Option 2 -If it's Free it's for me $10 

#3 Option 3 - If it's Free it's for me $20


Hostess Packet - Keep at least 8 in your Starter Kit - include extra Look Books and Sales Tickets



How would you like to have a 90% hold rate? Follow the steps below and you absolutely will. Happy coaching¦selling¦booking¦and team building!

Create a tab in your Boss Babe Binder titled 🈁PARTY COACHING In it keep extra copies of the Party/Hostess Coaching Sheet.

Then follow the steps below!

 Hostess Program ¢ JPEG

Hostess Coaching Sheet

What goes in a Hostess Packet:

Hostess card or flier of choice (write date of future party on this)

2-3 Look Books Sales tickets or outside order forms

Team Building Flier

(can be put in a small MK bag)

(Keep 5-10 ready to go in your Starter Kit at all times)

Textable Invites/Party JPG'S

(use an app like pic-collage to edit these for your parties!)

You've booked the party and now it's time to coach it.


  • This can happen at the party when you book the party. If you run out of time SCHEDULE a time to Call your scheduled hostess and get her excited about what she can get for free! Go through your hostess program with her and make sure she understands how she can earn the products on her wish list.
  • Then say 🈁It's my job to make sure you reap all the rewards that we offer to our hostesses and so I'm going to make this super easy for you and send out a really cute invite to your guests list via text and/or email.* I make it super easy for you¦all you have to do is provide me with the email addresses and cell #'s of your guests. Would it be better for me to call you back or would you like to e-mail me the list? Great, I will have a special gift for you* (I give the hostess credit for this or an extra 1/2 off item for getting me the guest list. I find out what product she wants but she doesn't receive it till the party) if you e-mail/text me back within 48 hours with your guest list. (For the email invite I use the Beaute invite on Mary Kay Intouch. For texting I create invites in pic collage. You can find instructions and templates on our website. I also recommend you set up a Facebook event for her)


  • Send a confirmation e-mail/text to her saying: I am so excited for your Follow Up Session (Beauty Experience) on ____________. Don't forget to send me your guest list by __________ (48 hours) so you can get (product she choose) at 50% off! Do you want to email me a list or text me a picture of the guest list? PRE-


  • 5 to 7 days before her party: Call/text your hostess and see how the RSVP's she has received. Pre-profile your hostess and everyone who has rsvp'd and message other guests to see if they can make it.
  • Send this text to the guest of a friend 3 days before the event (you can text each guest directly or you can have your hostess send them the questions and then forward answers to you)
    Hey Kacie! Denise said your coming w/ her to the Mary Kay appointment Sat @12pm! Fabulous! I'm so excited to meet you! Do you text? I have a few questions about your skin so I'm prepared for everyone! Thx, Your Name

Here's the questions to send:

  • Have you ever experienced Mary Kay products before?
  • What are you currently using for your skin care?
  • What type of skin do you have dry, normal, combo or oily?
  • What would you change if you were to change anything about your skin- fine lines, dark circles, uneven skin tone, smaller pores, blemishes?
  • I want to be sure to choose the best products for your skin - what is your age-range 18-25, 26-40, 40-60+?😊💄

Thank so much!

Day Before Confirmation Text:

Hi Sarah! I've reserved your spot at the studio for tomorrow, so looking forward to seeing you at 11:30. Will it be you plus Joanie and Sam? We do have an opening for one more, if you had someone else last second. See you tomorrow. We will be done by 1pm and we always start and end on time. Your Name

Day of Confirmation Text:

Good Morning, I'm super excited for the awesome pampering session today at 11:30. Can u come 5 minutes early to find parking and match your foundation???

Once they say Yes, say this:

Fabulous! I'll see you at 11:25(ish) and we will get started right at 11:30. Looking forward to it! We will be done by 1pm. Appointments take 1.5 hours. Thanks again!

If she is ignoring you, say this:

Hi Sarah! I haven't heard back from you and my phone's a little wacky sometimes with texting, so just wanted to check in again. I reserved a seat for you tomorrow at 11:30. Can you let me know by tonight at 5pm if you can make it? If I don't hear from you by 5pm tonight, I will have to open the spot up to someone else on our wait list, so totally let me know either way. Thanks so much!


  • Immediately after party “ send every guest a thank you/it was nice meeting you text (include picture if you took one)! It's also nice to send the hostess a handwritten Thank you note letting her know how much you appreciate her!
  • If you schedule a survey be sure to send the follow up text with videos immediately. Reminder her in the text of the time you've scheduled to follow-up and get her opinion. If she is high interest give her a recruiting packet at the party!


2+2+2 Follow-up in 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months (Follow-up with Quarterly Preferred Customer Look Book Mailing.)



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