Write down everyone's name who is in the party so you can keep track of everyone AND Tag them in the first post!

That will HELP THEM FIND the Group
because they will have a notification from Facebook.

How do you tag someone on Facebook?
What is tagging?

Tagging is just a way that Facebook let's someone know you're talking to them or about them.

You simply just type their name in after clicking on "Tag Friends" and it will let them know you've "talked to them".

Here are a few images to walk you through it.

This is the last version of Facebook. (Now considered "Classic Facebook")
You may or may not have recently experienced an update to the look of Facebook. If you have not, this is what yours would look like and you would simply click the line that says "Tag Friends" and start typing in all the names of the attendees of your party.

If you have been switched over to the "New Facebook", this is what it would look like. Click on the 3 dots on the right side to open up a larger menu. Scroll down to the next picture.

Click on Tag People, and then you will start typing in the names of your attendees.

If the post is already up, you can go to the comments, and click in the box like you are going to make a comment and begin typing the names of your guests. When you do, a list of your friends will pop up with that name. Select their name and then when you're done, click enter. You will have Tagged them in the comments! Great Job!!

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