Using Facebook Events is an EXCELLENT way to help boost sales and engage with customers for your Mary Kay business!

Take a look at Tammy Lee's most recent Launch Party for Amber Lillie. :)


I want to show you HOW TO get started with a FB Event:

1. Choose "Create Event" in the Events tab that will be on the bottom left of your Facebook Home page.

2. Name the FB Party, pick a date range (usually 6-9 days), and add some personal info to the Party.

(MAKE IT FUN! Give people a reason to want to participate.) Look at Tammy's example.


3. After you've begun the Event, you need to post a couple of times a day so you can keep people engaged. A good social media strategy is to keep their attention by being active on the page. The more interactions the better!

Use fun images and questions that make the reader want to participate!

Again, look at some of the cute things Tammy used below.

Use these images and conversation starters for your own FB Party so you can engage your customers!




Here are a couple of blurbs you can copy and paste right onto your FB Event!

Did you know that Mary Kay has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products??? 🤗
If you are not happy, I will work with you to get the right skin regiment or skin care color! Whoop Whoop!

Mascara Monday!!!
Did you know that Mary Kay’s Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval AND it is our #1 best seller?!

💫gently removes eye makeup without leaving skin feel greasy
💫it is hypoallergenic
💫gently removes without pulling or tugging eyelashes
💫takes off waterproof and non-waterproof with ease
💫Suiteable for contact lens wearers

💗AND is yours for FREE when you buy 4 mascaras at once (which is a years supply) what are you looking for in a mascara???🙋🏼‍♀️
( write in the comment box of your order if you want to take advantage of this deal) 🤗

Did you know that Mary Kay has skin care for all stages is life???🤔 AND what’s amazing is that all the skin care regiments are compatible!

For example, want anti aging and acne treatments??? You can use both Miracle Set 3D and Clearproof Acne system 😊

Are you a male with acne concerns???? You can use the Men’s Skin care regiments and add parts of the acne treatment to your regiment🤗


Responses get you entered into the raffle. 😊






New Fall products are available for order! 😊😊😊 Have you ever wanted an easy way to do your brows???


The skinvigorate brush is amazing!!!
👍🏻cleans out your pores
👍🏻cleans 85% better than just using a wash cloth
👍🏻comes with two brush heads and batteries


bcoav66q5hs8oksgc81tu0jm9in0asg0cc00Alright Gentlemen 😊, Mary Kay knows you care just as much about your skin as women do! Anti-aging skin care is available for you!!!!
MKMen has a cleanser, moisturizer with SPF, shave foam gel, after shave gel and an eye firming cream😀



Foundation for every skin type and preference 😊



As you can see, lots of people interacted with Tammy and would want to because the content was fun and light, not pushy or feeling like a sales pitch. Make it fun and use your own style to post fun things that will engage the visitors.


I believe in you! If you're not used to using Facebook for events, you will find it is VERY easy and can be very beneficial. You can get sales and let people know Mary Kay has the most amazing products! You will see how to use FB to get sales to add to your normal Party bookings.

Please let me know if you have any other questions I can answer!

Believing in you, Diane