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Here's a little fun fact about June: Did you know. June is derived from Juno. And do you know who Juno is? Answer at the end. 

We're excited because we have two 🈁hidden gems for you. That's right -- two business ideas you may not consider when thinking about investing in a franchise. But once you get done with this newsletter, you might be thinking a little bit differently. 

Both provide you with the ability to work directly with consumers (B2C) AS WELL AS  businesses (B2B). 

Why is this important? Because having this ability allows you to increase the number of revenue streams available. And more revenue streams = the faster you can see the return on your investment (ROI) and grow your business!  

Let's get to it. 

Our featured franchise opportunities: 

💏Ž Pestmaster Services

💏Ž Dryer Vent Wizard (a Neighborly Brand)

Franchise opportunity #1:
PestMaster Services

Pestmaster Services: are you familiar with this brand? 

If the answer is no...don't feel bad. Much of the attention in this area has gone to the Empire Players, Orkin, and Terminix. 

Pestmaster Services has two big advantages over the others -- making it our top pick for our June newsletter. 

First, let's start with some data on the pest control industry. 

Bugs are big business. According to IBIS World, the pest control market is $16.9 billion dollars strong! What's more --  it's expected to GROW 2.9% in 2021. Much of the growth will be coming from the hospitality industry. As you can imagine...bed bugs aren't good for business. 

And that's just the insect side of things. 

Once you add in animal control, weed maintenance, vegetation management, and now Coronavirus decontamination -- well the size of the opportunity continues to grow. 

Now let's talk about Pestmaster Services. Here are some of the key company highlights: 

🐝  Pestmaster has been serving customers for over 40 years -- both in the B2C and B2B spaces. With 40 years, this is a proven model that will work for you.

🐝  Robust training and education. Within 30 days of signing the agreement, you'll be in a  two-week training session. One week at the corporate office in Reno. The second week on the location of your franchise. Advanced industry training is also provided to keep all business owners up-to-date on the latest trends and tactics. 

🐝  They handle both animals and insects (this includes bed bugs, termites, mosquitos, and more). As well as any issues with vegetation. This is good to know as it provides additional revenue streams. 

🐝  Now equipped to handle decontamination and risk mitigation for Coronavirus. This is a big opportunity for all sorts of businesses and municipalities in your area. 

🐝  They utilize eco-friendly pest control services featuring green products that have been approved to serve governmental agencies. In fact, they are one of only 11 companies to have this status. 

🐝  And finally...and this is a big one: they are the #1 SBE (Small Business Enterprise) in the nation providing services to the federal government. 

Why is this so important? 

Because being a part of an organization that can work with branches of government opens up possibilities for you as a business owner. 

The Pestmaster value bomb part 1: Government Contracts

Most government contracts run for a number of years with an option for renewal. This means once you secure the have a good chance for revenue for the length of the contract. And having dollars you can count on allows you to invest and build other parts of your business. 

All of this is great, but you're probably thinking: How do I secure a government contract? 

Trying to go at this alone won't be easy. It takes a lot of time. And your odds of winning are not very good. 

Pestmaster has you covered. They have built a dedicated government contract department that does nothing but scours the internet looking for contracts that are up for bid. 

And once they come across an open bid, the department notifies you of the opportunity.

What's more, they also provide assistance building and responding to proposals -- dramatically increasing your chances of winning the bid!

They are so good at this, they have secured over $47 million in government contracts in the past 35 months for their national franchise network. 

Let that sink in for a minute. $47 million is serious cash. 

There's not another organization doing this to the level of Pestmaster Services. Here's more on Pestmaster's contract department. 

The Pestmaster value bomb part 2: Low cost to buy-in

Another reason to consider Pestmaster is the cost of entry. They have made buying in and getting up and running significantly less than many others out there. So you don't need to spend more. 

Take a listen to Thomas Nelson, franchise owner from San Antonio, Texas on why he selected Pestmaster.

Pestmaster Testimonial

Franchise Opportunity #2: 

Dryer Vent Wizard

Quick Quiz:

How big is the dryer vent inspection, cleaning, and repair/replacement industry?

  1. $8 billion

  2. $20 billion 

  3. $13 billion

If you are thinking #2. You are correct!  $20 BILLION ¦ who knew?

Let's throw another stat at you. 

Appliance fires, and more specifically, dryer fires - are one of the main sources of home fires every year! The cause of these fires: a massive build-up of lint and dust within exhaust lines. 

So what does all this mean? 

Simple. This is a HUGE business that you probably never heard about until now. So let us provide you with some more insights into this unique opportunity. 

Starting with your sources of revenue. With Dryer Vent Wizard (DVW) you have three main sources:

💸  Residential(B2C)
Nearly every home in America has a dryer. On average, that dryer is running six hours per week. Over the course of the year that adds up. If the vent line is not being maintained properly, that could cause problems. Especially if the vent line is long -- like in many bigger homes. Look, fireplaces need to be cleaned regularly... it's the same with dryer vent lines.

💸  Multi-units (think condos, apartment buildings, etc¦this may be both B2B and B2C)
With multi-unit dwellings, especially second-story laundry rooms, require longer vent lines. This means dryers have to work harder. It also means they are going to need more care and maintenance.

💸  Commercial businesses (B2B)

This is a big one. Think of all the businesses out there with dryers. Businesses that depend on having dryers running nonstop. Fitness clubs, hotels, hair salons, pet groomers. This list goes on. 

These services may have their machines running 10,12,15, maybe even more hours a day. Imagine the wear and tear...

Add to this -- more and more insurance companies are requiring property managers to conduct annual cleanings. This is a trend we see continuing and it means business for you. 

A properly maintained dryer is not only's also a money saver. Dryer Vent Wizard estimates that on average, an efficient and compliant dryer can provide savings between $18-$24 per month. 

So, to sum have multiple revenue streams. Additionally, you have two powerful sales messages: safety and money-saving.

More Reasons To Invest

Few competitors 

We live in a crowded world. But when it comes to dryer vent cleaning, maintenance, and repair there's just not a lot of other companies that do this kind of work. A big plus. 

Low initial investment

This business doesn't require a big capital investment to get up and running and making cash. Always a good thing! 👍

No cold calling 

Dryer Vent Wizard is part of the Neighborly family of brands. They have a complete and comprehensive marketing program that will push leads directly to you. Additionally, they have a call center working 7 days a week to book your appointments and handle your calls.  All you need to do is provide great service to the customer!  

Work / Life balance

DVW also provides a good work/life balance. The bulk of your hours are Monday thru Friday 9 to 5. Leaving you with plenty of time for family, friends, and salsa dancing.  💃  (or whatever you're into). 

So, were we right?  For a business you may have not heard of does offer a lot of possibilities. 

If you'd like to know more about either (or both!) brands, please sign up for our live webinar. We'll take a deeper dive with both brands, hosted by the brands themselves!  It will be a great time to ask questions,without any obligation.  

At the very least, sign up so you will receive the recording.  Do it... do it... 📣

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