I wanted to share with you my personal experience with our

NEW Naturally line.  

I currently use the REPAIR Line.  I am LOVING adding some of the NATURALLY products to my routine.  To touch and feel these products will help you sooo much! Watching VIDEOS on INTOUCH & in this email will also be VERY helpful.  

Ways I am LOVING these products:

  I am using the NOURISHING OIL with my lifting serum on my face every evening.  I am adding 2-3 drops into the serum before applying to my face. 

After applying the serum and oil I use the massager tool.  It is like "exercising our muscles". It tightens and firms our skin.  WOW!  This SONIC Brush is truly a game changer!  

200 Oscillations per second!

 I am also adding a few drops of the Nourishing Oil in the palm of my hand and mixing it with the TARGETED ACTION Toning Lotion once a day for my body.

 I am using the stick moisturizer on my elbows, knees and heels.  

So fun trying all these products!

Have FUN learning about these GREAT products

and trying them for yourself.

~ Diane XOXO




PLUS SNSD Julia Burnett’s detailed Natural Line Training! 📝




Last three minutes of training with Q&A:




📌Mary Kay's official EU Compliance Statement: 


"We're proud to say that all ingredients used in Mary Kay cosmetic products meet the rigorous standards for cosmetic safety set by the European Union and are EU compliant."

Even MORE info on the Naturally Skin Care line:

Free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dyes and SLS/SLES

 The Cleanser is 99.49% naturally-derived. The .51% is a preservative to help support shelf-life and non-refrigeration since this product contains water.

 The Exfoliating Powder, Nourishing Oil and Moisturizing Stick are 100% naturally-derived ingredients.

✅If you did not know, there's no definition regulated by the USA government on what is "natural" for beauty products! To regulate these products with integrity, Mary Kay sought a third party, non-profit organization, Cosmos to test and approve this new skin care line.

✅They gave us their EcoCert seal of approval! From the sourcing to the processing, the manufacturing to the packaging, Mary Kay Naturally goes above and beyond the industry standard! I'M SO PROUD!!!

The face oil is DEFINITELY my favorite out of the bunch, I’m so impressed with the entire line! I’ve added the oil to my night cream each night and used it in my hair. 


My director friend Julia Burnett is an expert with the new

MK Naturally SkinCare Line

and she has made an amazing PDF with Scripts

& power statements that will help you sell it.



Login with your consultant # and password. If you need, please click "forgot password" to reset your login information.you!



For those of you who are looking to send out booking scripts, here are  8 TEXTS you can send out

to clients currently not using MK skincare or with friends and family who you know are into all natural products!


New Naturally You skincare Script:

Text 1 
Hey __! How’s your summer going?!️ I’m so excited because MK just came out with a new ALL NATURAL skincare line I think you’d really like! It’s called Naturally You and it has the EcoCert which is the highest credential in Europe! (This certification means the products are produced to the highest standard for organic and natural cosmetics, and are safe, effective and good to use.) I’d truly value your honest feedback and opinion of this line. There’s a gift card included as a thank you! When could we get together to sample it together? (Send pic)

Text 2 
Great I’m so excited to see what you think! 🥰When’s better for you to try them? During the week or on a weekend? 

Saturday or Sunday? 

This date or this date? 

This time or this time? 

Make sure you have the date and time booked before doing on. 

Text 3
Awesome! For clients in your area I actually bring everything and come to you since I’m mobile! It makes it easiest and most convenient for you. What address should I use so I can plan travel time?

Get her address before moving on!

Text 4
Thanks! Now let’s talk about your skin so I know what to expect. Is it more dry, normal or oily, or combo (oily t-zone)? 

Text 5
And what are the main things you’d like to improve and enhance about your skin?

Text 6
Thanks!! For being one of my testers, you’ll get a gift certificate as a thank you.️ Plus, I’m sure you have some girlfriends who love to give their opinion too! If you can get 3 or more ladies join you for your Naturally You facial, I’ll have an extra gift for you! Who else could you ask to join us to help you get another bonus gift? 

Text 7
Great! Would it help if I gave you an invitation text to send them?

Text for Hostess to text friends...
Hey Katie! Guess what?! I’m going to be getting together with my image and beauty consultant to do a facial and try out a brand new Naturally You skincare line. AND I can share it with my best girlfriends for free! I immediately thought you’d love to join in on the fun!! It’s Aug 9th at 2pm. Any reason why you can’t join me?!

Text 8
Plus there’s another perk! You get a bonus free eyeshadow 🥰 when you let me know who will be joining you by Aug 1. I'll need their names and numbers so I can ask them about their individual skin type, concerns and allergies. Do you want to try one of our new Chromafusion eyeshadow colors? 

Ok great! Just stay in touch and let me know by Aug. 1 about those guests and send me their names and numbers! And if you think of any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 


Ok, last thing! I'm soooo excited to share this with you! Naturally was featured on Allure magazine's website. Check it out whenever you have a minute! https://www.allure.com/story/mary-kay-naturally-natural-skin-care-products/amp

Fall Products: http://vid.us/p2mavm
Chromafusion: http://vid.us/wejtiz
Botanical Effects Skincare: http://vid.us/koi4jm
TimeWise Miracle Set 3D: http://vid.us/fqpdjq
Bio-Cellulose Mask: http://vid.us/rvaco0
Vitamin C Squares: http://vid.us/rszany
Charcoal Mask: http://vid.us/d2borw
Microderm+ Set: http://vid.us/nq8qyp
Repair Set: http://vid.us/z9d7mh
Clear Proof: 


Supporting you, Diane