How to Use our Customer

Delivery Service

Having products ON HAND to service a client immediately is ALWAYS PREFERRED however sometimes because of extenuating circumstances that may not be possible. Let's learn about CUSTOMER DELIVERY SERVICE.

YOU may have never used it before but as you pick up more and more of the MALL and SEPHORA and ULTA Customers this spring & you find yourself servicing people geographically away you will love our company's CUSTOMER DELIVERY SERVICE. Not only do they package it in a beautiful box, but they will include a FREE sample or a Look book (your choice) plus they may ship it for less than you can sometimes.

I will walk you through the steps to shipping to your client.

  • Remember, you must be active (A1, A2 or A3) to use this service. That means a $225 whl. minimum in one of the last 3 months counting the month you are standing in right now. Keeping ACTIVE has never been more important.
  • Also... you will need to have a ProPay Account.
Click Here to Sign Up for ProPay

Log onto your InTouch page and click on Business Tools...then click My Customers

  • Click in the upper right hand corner either New Order or New Customer if this is a client you don't have in your list of customers.
  • Select customer and then click Customer Delivery Service as your method in the upper left corner
  • Scroll down and click on add products
  • Type items in search box...Example: TimeWise 3D Cleanser....just type cleanser rather than typing too many words so you have all the selections of cleanser types/formulas pop up. If your customer orders the same items often you can select the tab marked Previously Purchased to make it even easier.
  • Once you add all the items your customer is ordering go over to CDS Samplers and click the arrow and select No Cost. Scroll through list at the bottom of the page and select the item you want to send your client at no charge. Think about a product you would like to see her start using to compliment her regime.
    • Example: If she uses the TimeWise Cleanser and Day Cream, but hasn't reordered her Night Cream and Eye Cream order the TimeWise Miracle Set 3D Sample Set. If she isn't on your PCP list you might prefer to have the newest Look Book sent to her instead.
  • If your customer ordered over $40 and you want to add a Deluxe Mini go back to CDS Samplers and move the choice back to Select CDS Samplers. Then in the Search box type mini and you will see a list below of all the items you can choose from.
  • Once your finished adding your ordered items, Free Sample, and deluxe mini then scroll to the bottom to verify this is the shipping address you want to use.
  • I use the notes section to put my total cost of the order including sales tax.
  • Then scroll to the bottom and select Continue to CDS. A box will pop up to alert you to Choose No Cost Samplers so no worries if you have forgotten this step. You can back at that time if you need to or click OK to continue.
  • On this page you will be able to review the order and select your shipping option. If everything looks correct then click next in the upper right hand corner.
  • On this page (Totals and Payment) you will see the cost of the order based on Consultant Cost and sales tax to wherever you are shipping. You will then decide which option for payment. Accountants recommend we move our ProPay money to our checking account rather than paying for CDS orders. It's a cleaner way of tracking your income.
    • If your customer has given you her credit card information you will select Option 2.
  • You want to have a sales ticket ready at that time so you can know what the customer amount is including sales tax. When they process the card they will take out the shipping, ProPay Processing and the profit will go into your ProPay account.
  • If you select Option 3 and use your own card you will add the product at cost, sales tax, shipping, cost of Section 2, and ProPay processing. If you aren't sure how to calculate the Propay Fees no worries... when you click the blue button (Submit Credit Card) a box will pop up that will give you the precise calculation so you know what to type in the box. Once you hit the Submit Credit Card button no changes can be made and you will see that the order is processing.
  • To make sure your order has been submitted go back out to click on orders. Look in the Status column and the first order should be the one you just submitted that says Sent to Branch CDS.
  • Provided you have a good email on file with the company you will receive a notification when your order has shipped.

Be aware when your client receives her package there will NOT  be a receipt with her total so you will want to either mail her a copy or send her an email with her receipt attached so she knows the amount of the charge or if she is paying you via check she can send you the payment.

Be aware if a client places an order on your website you can also choose CDS delivery if you don't have the products on hand

I also use this method when I know the package is going to be very heavy and the price is cheaper for them to ship instead of me.

Other reasons you might use CDS is when you are on vacation, but want the products shipped right can't get to the post office... you get the idea.

I'm here for you!