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What if you SOLD 25 Items to Family and Friends 

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Hi _________. Hope you are doing well. I am so excited to tell you that I am a new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!!! I am preparing to place my first Mary Kay order! 🎉😊 I don't know if you're up for something new, but we have our #1 best selling Eye Makeup Remover, Charcoal Mask, and amazing mascaras to choose from, and more. They are gorgeous and I wondered if you would be willing to try something new to help me reach my goal? 💖😊 Would you take just a minute to click here to see some of our best selling products? 💝 

Script #2

Hi_______. I hope you're surviving the cold. 🥶 I'm dreaming of summer!

☀️🌴🕶  I am actually texting because I am so excited to tell you that I am a NEW Mary Kay Consultant.  🙌🏼💄  I LOVE MK products and would Love to be your MK girl if you don't already have one! 💄🛍🎀 There is an amazing NEW Skincare called Miracle Set 3D with Vitamin B3 & Resveratrol. The results are amazing. I am stretching for a BIG goal right now as a new consultant in Mary Kay. I have been challenged to sell 55 items! I am placing my first order next weekend & I would love your help. 🎉😊🎉 There are some fabulous products. We have our Charcoal Mask, amazing mascara, and too many things to list! 😊💐🌺🌷😊 Would you be willing to try something new to help me reach my goal? 💖 

Second/Follow Up Text:

Take a minute to shop some of the best sellers from Mary Kay so you can see what we have to offer.  Could you see yourself trying something new today? 

Script #3

Hey Girl! Soooo... you may have seen that I started my new business teaching skin care and color with MK! 💓 I’m so pumped! 😆 I’m reaching out to you because one of my first contests (that I want to totally rock) is selling 25 items by           ! Would you be open to clicking the link to see all our best sellers and see if there’s ANYTHING at all you’d love to try? 

Second/Follow Up Text:

Maybe you’re needing a mascara or eyeliner or just wanna have fun with something new... either way, every single item counts!!!! 💓💓💓 Would you do me a huge favor, try me, and order at least one or two things?


Here's some of our BEST SELLERS!

$15       $15

Lip Gloss & Eye Makeup Remover

$36     $24

Satin Hands & Charcoal Mask

$55     $65

Microdermabrasion & Revealing Radiance Facial Peel

$18/20   $55

Subtle Tanning and After Sun Gel & the new amazing Brush Set


These pictures are so cute and when you save them, you can send them to your customers with the scripts.

The cute pictures catch their attention way better than just words alone. Then you follow up with a phone call!

There's FORTUNE in the FOLLOW-UP!

TRULY you must connect with people 6-10 times before they respond with a yes I am interested or if they want to buy something!



All you have to do is use these tried-and-true methods and your new MK Business will be up and running!

SAVE these pictures to your PHONE and make an ALBUM in your phone of PRODUCT PICTURES!