Hello Beautiful!

Let's Get this Party Started!!

First Things First....

1. This is your chance to publicly launch your business virtually! Let's set the celebratory scene in Mary Kay style by sharing with your family and friends! Below you will find everything you need to create excitement, share products, book initial appointments, and future parties as you start this new adventure!

2.  want your party to be super successful so that you can maximize all of your your New Consultant Great Start Bonuses! I've compiled some helpful information and tips below so you can kill it in your party and hopefully walk away with lots of new customers and products for your shelves, and yourself! 


The second half of this link has EVERYTHING you need to know leading up to your virtual launch party!! 

πŸ’—Where Will Your Party Be Held?πŸ’—

We will run your party through Facebook in a party group.  Create a private FB Group which will turn into your your private VIP business group after the party closes!  This will be our own little space to talk about all things MK and party hardy!

πŸ’—Who Do I Invite & How?!πŸ’—

There are a number of ways to go about inviting people to your Mary Kay Online party.  Some ways work (personal invites), others don't (mass inviting via Facebook).  One way that's proven to be very effective is getting personal with your invites. What does this entail? Let's start by making a list of about 50-70 people who you feel would benefit from our products. As you make this list keep in mind our products are truly for everyone, not just makeup lovers. Here are some ideas of women you might want to invite:

  • people you went to school with
  • current/former colleagues
  • relatives
  • neighbors
  • church friends
  • caregivers
  • teachers
  • first responders
  • women looking for holiday/special occasion customized gift options
  • women who love skincare
  • women who love makeup
  • women who go above and beyond for other people
  • women who deserve an hour of fun with the girls!
  • women who love to support other women!
  • If you were having a wedding, who would you invite?

Once you make your list, send each of them a personal message asking them if they want an invitation. About half of those people you reached out to will say 🈁yes, and then from there about half of those will participate and purchase.

This may seem like a lot of work up front, but trust me, getting personal works so much better than just shooting out a mass invite or just posing it on your social media.

Here is your INVITE SCRIPT!!!

🈁Hi, Anna! I'm having a virtual event in a couple of weeks to celebrate starting my new Mary Kay business! I would love for you to come and hear all about it. It'll be so much fun! And of course there will be plenty of chances to win prizes! It would mean a lot to have you there supporting me. Can I count you in? 

(Send them your invite jpeg right after you send the text)


🈁Hello, everyone! I'm so excited! I've just started my own business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! I am having my virtual Grand Opening on Saturday, 7/14 @ 2 p.m., and I would love for you to join my celebration. It's free and fun! I promise you aren't obligated to buy anything. Invite a friend, and let's have some girl time! Plus, there will be surprises and opportunities to win great prizes!

If they respond to your message with a 🈁yes or 🈁maybe, go ahead and add them to your FB group.


If they respond to your message with a "no", "cant' make it", that's ok! You can say:

"No problem- Thanks for considering! Would you like to be added to my VIP Group and have my website in case you want to shop or look around anyway- no pressure :-) Here's the link below if you're interested! I know life gets busy so I'll follow up with you in a few days :-) xo

In order to maximize your Great Start bonuses, don't forget to send your shopping link to those who aren't on social media so they can still shop for products.  All orders will count towards your Great Start Bonuses!!

πŸ’—Great Start RewardsπŸ’—

Remember that you can start earning rewards with your first order! 

Your Launch Party is a great way to introduce & share products and grow your customer base!

πŸ’—Before the Party TipsπŸ’—

Here are a few tips you can do BEFORE your party to help you generate interest and ensure good attendance: 

  • Post your favorite products to your social media accounts for several days leading up to the event.
  • Send your friends a text or a picture of a product you think they would like, or even tag them in a post about the products.  
  • Post pictures of yourself with your MK! Everyone will relate to you the most. Show them what you love and tell them why!
  • Send your party link to all guests who cannot attend the party.  (OUTSIDE PARTY ORDERS COUNT TOWARDS YOUR HOSTESS CREDIT!!)

πŸ’—Copy & Paste Time!πŸ’—

Party Description Post- 

Welcome to my MK Party!

Thank you for being here! This event will be filled with amazing products, tips, tricks, fan favorites, and specials offers. Cant wait to share everything that I've got up my sleeves with ya! Message me if you have any product questions, for ordering, or just to say hi! 

*Use the free Pic Collage App to add your picture to the circle in the graphic below and the date and time of the party at the bottom by the heart. 

πŸ“·(Party invite pic)

Post 1:

I'm so excited you're here and I can't wait to get some of these awesome products in everyone's hands!

First off, get excited because I will be doing FREE Giveaways and FREE prizes for participation!

How it works:

πŸ€‘Β Every comment you make on the page = your name added 1 time/per comment

πŸ€‘Β Every like you make on the page = your name added 1 time/per like

πŸ€‘Β Every product you purchase throughout this week up until the end of my party Saturday night = your name added 10 TIMES/PER PRODUCT into the drawing 🀩

I will be giving several items away so be on the lookout for & make sure you tune into the live drawing and My Launch Party Sunday January 3rd at 6 pm. Be sure you turn on those notifications and check back regularly so you don't miss out on any of the fun!

πŸ“·(Notifications Pic)

Can't wait for (insert date) & for you to win FREE products! πŸ’‹

For product purchasing, I accept Cash, check, and credit. If you need an alternate way to pay, just message me and we'll try to figure it out! Again, no pressure to purchase, but products can be ordered if you fall in love with them! :-)

Post 2

Register and be a VIP on my website!! I'll be able to better customize all of your beauty needs virtually! It's super easy and fast AND if you register BEFORE my launch party this Thursday at 7pm- you get an extra drawing entry!!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

https://www.marykay.com/ (insert your personal end link)

Post 3

We have a new app that analyzes a persons skin!! 😁¯ I know SUPER COOL right?! I'M SO Excited! ...Would you help test it with me?

All you have to do is super quick, download the app, and send me your results before my launch party on Saturday! THATS IT! And if you text me your results.... guess what... another entry for you!!! πŸ’•

πŸ“· (Skin Analyzer app pics)

Post 4

Go live and tell your why for doing this and say thank you for the support. Share the products that you love or how they have changed your skin!

Post 5

FAN FAV: Satin Hands Pampering Set πŸ§ β€“Γ°ΕΈΒΒ»πŸ‘―ΒπŸ’†πŸΌπŸ‘―Β

✨ Clinically tested for sensitive skin

✨ Two amazing scents: White

Tea & Citrus or Fragrance Free

✨ Helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

✨ Seriously feels like a spa or the feeling you get after your nail tech lotions and massages your hands

$36 for a set of Protecting Softner, Shea Scrub, Shea Cream & Gift Set Bag

πŸ“· (satin hands pic )

Post 6

Oil Free Make-Up Remover πŸ‘οΈ

This product has been a LONG time favorite of mine and is perfect for summer to remove any waterproof mascara without ruining my lashes!

✨ removes makeup super easily

✨ oily free to avoid that greasy feeling

✨ & my favorite thing about it... it's hypoallergenic! (Bless up for us with sensitive skin πŸ‘πŸΌ)

Price: $17

πŸ“· (eye makeup remover pic)

Post 7

FAN FAV: Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask $24 πŸ§ β€“Γ°ΕΈΒΒ»πŸ‘―Β

πŸ€‘Β Triple action charcoal mask acts like a magnet and deep cleans pores

πŸ€‘Β Great gift for yourself or for your significant other

πŸ€‘Β Great for multi-masking paired with the Moisture Renewing Gel Mask

πŸ€‘Β Has won TONS of beauty awards

πŸ“·(charcoal mask pic)

Post 8

Who wants a link to the eCatalog? Start looking through all of the products & product colors that are available with Mary Kay ✨

(Insert link from ecatalog app- takes them right to your website)

Post 9

Have you ever tried Mary Kay products before? πŸ€”

Comment below what your favorite product is! If you haven't tried any products, comment what you'd love to try!

πŸ“· (engagement post pic)

Post 10

The pricing on this tool is just TOO GOOD. This brush is LIFE-CHANGING!!

✨ 3 Speeds

✨ 1 Min timed cleansing keeps your skin care routine consistent

✨ Optional Massage Head

✨ Removes 4 Times more dirt, oil, impurities, makeup & pollutants

✨ Soft but effective head specifically made for sensitive skin

πŸ§ β€“Γ°ΕΈΒΒ»πŸ‘―Β Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System $75

πŸ“· ( cleansing brush pic)

Day Of The Event

Post a reminder, private message a reminder, text a reminder- and go live and remind them to register and text you their skin analyzer app. This is super important for YOU- it will make closing EASY for you!!


πŸ“· Post a 🈁one hour until party pic or gif or something!


I recommend Zoom. Zoom is free and gives you 45 minutes. If you use the free version and need more than 45 minutes. You'd have to log back in- which can be annoying. With a paid account ($14.99 a mo.) you can have as long as you want- and also live stream it to FB and record it! I highly recommend this!


Everyone logs off except for the first person

Close with them then they log off. At this point make sure you are no longer streaming to FB OR recording the zoom! You text the next person to hop back on the zoom and then you close with her.. etc..

After the Party

Thank You Post:

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your purchases and participation! πŸ₯° I feel so much support & love! I'm going to keep this event going until _______-, but by being in this group, you'll also continue to get product highlights, info & pricing as well as any discounts I'm doing from time to time! I'll be sending out invoices for all orders and I ask for your patience with shipping due to all of this Covid stuff. You should get your items within 1-2 weeks though. πŸ“¬

The live giveaway drawing will take place tomorrow at 7:30PM (or whenever you decide) & winners prizes will be shipped out with their orders (If you want any other products included with this shipment, just text me your order anytime before the live).

Below is the eCatalog if anyone is interested in ordering anything else with this next shipment or in the future. Feel free to message me for all your refill or new product needs! πŸ€—

Let's Do This Thing!

I am so excited to party with you!  Let's work together to get you the most host rewards possible. Let me know as soon as you have the party guest list and I will create the invite and send it your way.  Talk to you soon!