Welcome to the 10 Minute Beauty Break!

Beauty Breakss are hybrid appointments that are done in a matter of 10 minutes via video chat with one or more people featuring a Mary Kay skin care line or products of your choice and you can send samples!  This is a great way to sell a lot of product in a small amount of time while utilizing it as a referral/marketing tool to build your customer base & team.

Get inspired because ....
Our Unit Queen of Sales had a $1,200 week with 5 of these appointments!!
(it was her first time trying to do them too!)

Reminder ...
 It's YOUR Business so decide which promos you want to use + use the resource library to build your own event. The Canva Template allows you to BUILD your own promos.

Beauty Break Resources

Beauty Break Guide
Beauty Break Google Form Template
Beauty Break Booking Script
Beauty Break Outline
Beauty Break Canva Template

(Build your own images with the above Canva templates)

premade Image Library (below)

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