1. Where could I leave a Lead Box?
  • Yogurt Shop    
  • Ice Cream Shop    
  • Sandwich Shop    
  • Nail Salon    
  • Dental Office    
  • Cleaners
  • Family owned Restaurant    
  • Gymnastic Studio    
  • Tire or Quick Oil Change Shop    
  • Orthodontist office
  • Women's clothing store or resale shop    
  • Dance Studio    
  • Karate School    
  • Donut Shop    
  • Yoga studio
  • The possibilities are endless!


2. How often do I check my Lead Boxes?

At least once a week and FOLLOW UP quickly. 

That way people do not forget that they registered. Plus, you want to develop a relationship with the people who work there. Leave a Look Book if there is a waiting area and take in samples to leave the employees. It's all about RELATIONSHIPS!

3. How do I make a Lead Box?

These square boxes are from Hallmark and are sold at most Walmart stores for 2.99 or you could always get them online.


Or try a Paper Gable Box


a STEP BY STEP guide...

4. What do I put on the outside and what do I use for entry slips?

Click on images below for downloads/printouts.

Use FED EX or Office Depot DISCOUNT CARDS through MK CONNECTIONS to get discounts on printing.

Discount cards are on 

CLICK ON--- >ordering  >mkconnections

CLICK on the images below to download these box front images.




CLICK on any of the images to download these simple entry slips.


Creating Lead Boxes helps generate new leads for new Mary Kay customers. Always strive to have a minimum of 10 boxes out if you are wanting to grow your MK business. 

Bring extra boxes along with you each week when you check boxes WEEKLY. You can just do a quick switch and you don't have to empty the lead slips in the store.

Bring extra samples for the employees. 

Try connecting with everyone you meet. As Mary Kay Ash said, "Pretend everyone has a sign around their neck that says. 'Make me feel important.'". :)
Send these out in the order listed, do not combine, it does make a difference in your response percentage.

Text 1:
Hi! My name is Diane Lundgren .You entered a drawing for a Pampering Session at A to Z nails. I am so excited to tell you that you are one of our winners!

(Follow up with within 5 min of Text 1 even if they do not respond.)

Text 2:
I am so excited for you! You won a free Mary Kay pampering session and facial for you and up to 4 friends!

(Follow up within 5 min of Text 2 even if they do not respond to first two texts.)

Text 3:
All we need to do is get you scheduled. 

Do mornings or afternoons work better for you?

Text 4:
Ok great! I have Monday at 6:30pm or Thursday at 11am,

which works better for you?

(Offer CHOICES of times that YOU are available!)

Text 5:


Perfect! I have you down for Thursday at 6:30pm. I am excited for you to be pampered!  May I get your address?

(It is so important you get their address. It helps them commit to the time you have chosen. Put it in your calendar and set reminders.)

Text 6:

AFTER you confirm the address, then say:

I am excited to meet you and remember,  you are welcome to have a couple friends join you! Will you do me a favor? If for some reason something comes up will you call me immediately? Since I plan my time around what is on my datebook and when I tell you "yes", that means I have told someone else "no". SMILE big (even if you're on the phone, people can tell when you're smiling) and pause & say.... I'm sure you understand. Did my name come up or do you need my phone #? I will also text you a few questions ahead of our appointment so that I can be better prepared for you. If someone will be joining you would you ask them if you could share their number with me? That way I can be well prepared & I can get set up right when I arrive!! You can just text the number to me. :)

I do try to turn the text conversation into a PERSONAL PHONE CONVERSATION!

Remember, this is a relationship business.  Be sure and make a pic collage with your picture so they connect with you. 

There are many free apps you can use to create picture text msgs.

(This example was made with the free app Pic Collage.)

Here's a link to learn how to use PicCollage!




wait 2 days and send another)

Hi, it's Diane Lundgren, I sent a message a few days ago about the facial from the box you entered at A to Z Nail Salon. Please text back if you would like to redeem the gift before it expires!



Lead box leads do not know you and are more likely to re-schedule. Don't take this personal, just be persistent and be personable!


It is better for you to go to their house whenever possible, they are less likely to cancel. It is more of a commitment on their part.


  •  7 days before
  • 4 days before
  • 2 days before
  • 1 day before
  • The day of the appointment. 

Phrases that work for CONFIRMING:  Add emoticons for fun if you are texting

SET REMINDERS on your phone to help you remember!

Here's a script plan:

7 Days before: "I am so excited about our Pampering Session next week, you are going to love our 3 Step Satin Hands and 2 step Satin Lips"  See you next  Thurs. at 6:30. Do you have any other questions for me? 

(If you  have not pre-profiled them then do this NOW!!)

Here is the link to the PreProfiling page if you need a reminder:



4 days before:  Hi Lacie, would love to know what you favorite lip color is, would you say neutrals, corals, pinks, berries or reds?   ~Diane

2 days before:  (SEND A PIC COLLAGE)  Looking forward to getting together on Thursday!

1 Day before: Hay Lacie, I will see you tomorrow at 6:30. Can you also confirm that your house # is 2104 Rolling River :) Will anyone be joining us?

Day of the Appt.:  Hi Lacie, I'm excited to see you tonight at 6:30!

Just remember, people are busy! Doctors, dentists, and hair stylists all confirm their appointments for a reason. It WORKS.


It is vital that you treat your business like a business and CONFIRM your appointments and OVER BOOK. 


Believing in you!


Diane Lundgren,   (719) 207-1037