Making a Facebook Event on Facebook can help you sell.

Create a VIP Customer GROUP for your MK Customers, family and friends!



1. Go to your own personal profile page.

2. Click "More", then click on "Events" midway down the list or "Group" to create a group.

3. Click "Create Event" and follow the prompts.  Do the same for creating a group :) follow the prompts after clicking "Group".


Use these images for your new Mary Kay Event Facebook Cover Photo!

Just click on any image and it will open in a new window.

Then, "right click" it to save it to your computer or Google Mary Kay and click on images and save!



-------->  Invite people to join your event and engage with them!  <--------

You want to "give" to the group 80% of the time 

and "ask" from the group 20% of the time.


People want to be in groups that benefit them.

Offer them:

Knowledge, Tutorials, Tips



Sales and New Products

People will follow someone who offers them something.

Make the group a place where they look forward to seeing posts.

You can get pictures from our Dream Believers FB Group!

Look on Pinterest for GREAT pictures to post!


You can also create a group of your family and friends. Pick one of the above pictures as your cover page. Make is a "private or secret group"  Mine is called "Diane's Amazing Mary Kay Customers" or it could be your VIP Customers. Be creative!

Put a post with something like this on your main page  and begin adding people to a new group.

I am excited about my New Mary Kay business. If you'd like to be added to my special event and private VIP Facebook group, comment below or private message me! 👇👇

✔️must not currently have a MK beauty consultant.
✔️must want to save lots of money!!
✔️must want to celebrate success and a blessed life! #grateful


I know this can be such a great way to connect with people

and "Sprinkle MK" into your life!


80% of the Sales are made on the 5-12th CONTACT!!! 


Did you see that??? Look again.

Keep layering people with lots of different ways of contacting them.

It takes about 5-12 contacts before people will engage with you.

Keep in mind:

FB etiquette is very important.

ASK before you add them to a group FB Personal Message Script below.

SAVE and send out AND ASK at your appointments if you can add them to your group when you do your one on one closing.


When asking to add to VIP Secret Group (for people you already know)
send this

Hi ________, I have some exciting news! I've just launched a fun VIP FB Group, exclusively for my Mary Kay Customers! I will run fun exclusive sales, post tutorials of how to use products, and you will get exclusive early ordering privileges with the launch of New Products! Because I value you as a friend & customer, I wanted to be sure to ask first if you'd like to be added to my VIP Group!? If that's ok with you, just respond Yes! I can't wait to share this fun group with you! Have a wonderful day!


I hope these tips will help you!

Blessed by you, Diane