You've said YES to a Mary Kay business, now what?

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Get the word out about your new Mary Kay Business!
Tell others you are pursuing your dreams!

Tell everyone you're ready to serve and connect with new Mary Kay clients!

bcoav66q5hs8oksgc81tu0jm9in0asg0cc00Keep these things in mind...

#1 This is a RELATIONSHIP Business

TELL people!

IN PERSON or in a PERSONAL interaction. 


this form to get a head start on contacting your future clients!

What if you sent out a TEXT to friends with a picture of Mary Kay product.  

Hi.        I am so excited to tell you that I am a new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!!!  Hope you are doing well. I am working on a HUGE goal and I am preparing to place my first Mary Kay order 🎉😊🎉 We have our # 1 best seller Eye Make up remover,  Charcoal Mask, amazing mascara and so many things including our Chromafusion eye, cheek & highlighters.  They are gorgeous 😊💐🌺🌷😊  Even if you order just 1 or 2 items you will be helping me reach my goal and I will be 💖😊  Click here to see our products  http://vipeurl.com/1sdv00g💝 Could I help you with anything?!?

You could also, send out an email to family and friends all over the U.S. and I RECOMMEND it!

Here are two examples of how to introduce yourself in an email:

Change it up to fit YOU and your personality!!

I am eager to empower women by helping them look great and feel great about themselves.

I can't wait to have a pampering session with you and your friends, sharing all the exciting new products we have to offer. For helping me, with any $40 order you may pick any mascara or lip gloss for 50% off!!! 

I would so appreciate it if you would take a moment to visit my Mary Kay website and register to see all our new products.  www.MaryKay.com

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement in my new Mary Kay business!



and see more wording for you to choose from.

Personalize it and make it your own!


#2 Find a way to get your new Mary Kay presence

on social media

There are so many options today to be on the internet, sharing all of your Mary Kay business ideas and getting traffic to your website. It's important that you pick the social media that will reach the most people and that you're comfortable with.

Facebook: Facebook is very widely used and is excellent because you can use it so many different ways. Think groups, instant messaging, events, and getting the WORD OUT!

CREATE  Private GROUP and Invite family and friends to be in the Group. This is a FABULOUS way to connect with people and promote Mary Kay.!

Keep in mind some social media etiquette 101: Before adding people to a group, it's important to ASK   first. Many direct sales companies and people in general are facing negative feedback because their consultants simply add everyone to a private group.  This is NOT how we ROLL in MK!

In MK, we treat others how we want to be treated. A simple private message to ask is always more personal, professional, and more effective. Think twice, think professional, and remember our direct sales code of ethics on who you should or should not add.

Click this link to learn how to make a private group in Facebook!

Instagram: Post beautiful pictures of products or word images. Put a link in your profile to your MK Website!


***Remember we have a Unit Facebook group with product pictures, videos, training, and MORE! You should certainly be in this group to participate and enjoy our sisterhood, also to learn a ton, and CELEBRATE our team WINS!***

***We have also started a Facebook Group called Beauty for YOU! Invite your friends to this group, also!

Because, at Mary Kay we don't believe that women NEED makeup and skin care to be beautiful. We believe that they are already intrinsically beautiful!
However, when we look our best, we feel our best! Plus, let's face it, maekup and skin care are FUN! We have put together this group in Facenook to share tutorials, tips, testimonials, and things we love about our Mary Kay. We will be hosting fun interactive events for you here!

I LOVE our team for it's professionalism and how you run your businesses!

WE are leading the way! MARY KAY would be so proud!

Let's continue to honor our Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Treating others how you would want to be treated is so important. There's a reason we are THE BEST!!!




People live very busy lives, but it doesn't mean you are bothering them when you ask them to take some time to talk about Mary Kay with you.

Your family and friends are your first contacts and hopefully they will be thrilled you would like to share your new business with them.  Not everyone will be positive, but the key is NOT to give up!!!



Persistence is KEY when contacting new or potential customers.

Take a look at that chart above and realize that people need to be reminded, and they need to get used to this new idea, and when they do, they'll love Mary Kay as much as we do!

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Diane Lundgren

(719) 207-1037    www.marykay.com/dlundgren