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How to hold a Virtual Spa Party
in a Facebook Group


  • The Power of a Facebook Party Video
  • Scripts and how to Coach your Hostess
  • Sampler Packet Instructions
  • What happens Before, During, & After the Party
  • Follow-Up Tools
  • Diane's Example Video from her own Spa Party
  • Virtual Party Checklist! (This is AWESOME to help keep track of your parties!)

If you need to know more about the POWER of a Facebook Party, watch this video. It is power packed with great information and will give you a vision for how to do these parties.

Jenn Besecker teaching the power of the Facebook Party.mp4

There is power in a personal phone call.

Voice message on FB Messenger is also a great tool.

What to say when asking someone to be your Hostess:
Tweak this to sound like YOU!)


This is (put your name here), just checking in to see how you are doing. TALK about something of interest or something about her life😀

I'm trying something new in my business and thought of you & wanted to see if you would consider helping me? I'm doing a FB LIVE Spa Party and wondered if you would be willing to be my guinea pig and help me practice.  I would reward you with product at 1/2 off and FREE product!

Here's how it works.  I would set up a private FB group for you and people you know. I would send out Free samples to your friends and then do a FB live to show everyone how to use the samples. This would help me so much, would you consider helping me?

When she says YES
I will need about 14-20 days to get the personalized spa packets mailed out so would a weekday or week-end be better for you?

AFTER the day and time are SET, then you tell her you will be creating the FB Group and you will be texting her more information.  

COACH your hostess to success!

1. Set up a FB Group with this as the Group Cover Photo - 
Make your Group >>Private  >>Visible  >>Guests can invite Guests

After loading the Cover Picture:

1.  Go into the Discussion and find the Group Cover Photo
2.  Click on the 3 dots and click on "Edit"
3.  ADD this WORDING to the Post

Thanks for joining us for <hostess name> Spa Party Virtual Event on <day>, <month> <date> <time> I will be sending you a pampering package with samples you will use that night! I will do a FB live demonstrating how to use the products while you enjoy using them in the comfort of your home It will last 40-45 minutes. There will also be prize Giveaways and it will be a lot of fun!

This is what it will now Look like in your group⬇️

2.  Personalize the group name in Settings.

If you need help with this, click below.
Customizing a FB Group Name:

3. Invite the hostess to the group.
AFTER she accepts the invite.  Then INVITE her to be an administrator of the group.  This allows her to directly invite guests from the page

Click on her name under "members". It will show you a small menu represented by 3 dots, Click those 3 dots and select "make admin".

Give your hostess this script to personalize & tweak to fit her personality along with the Spa Party picture.

Encourage your hostess to CALL or use FB messenger to give a voice invitation & follow up with a text msg or FB message.

<Hostess name>, thanks sooo much for helping me with a Spa Party next week! Copy and paste this by text or FB message this to your friends & (of course) feel free to "tweak" the wording. When you send this out,  I will be able to get their personalized sample packets in the mail ASAP for the party!

 Hey Susie, I wanted to invite you to my online Spa Party I am having with my friend, <your name>. She is a Mary Kay Consultant.  She will send you a Free pampering pack of beauty products in the mail and go live with us to show us the products on <day>, <month>, <day>, <time>.

She will be on camera but you won't, so get comfy and relax and she will share with us how to use everything. There will be Free product giveaways and prizes, too. Bonus!

She will need your address and skin type (Normal to Dry Or Combination to Oily). Just join the group and she will PM you on messenger. Hope you can join us! Let me know if this works for you

Click this link to join my Spa Party👇👇👇
<insert link to the FB Group

Give her this this picture to send with the  with the Text or FB message.

Connecting with the guests to get their addresses
and skin type information

1.  Friend Request the guests
2.  After they respond send a FB Message to get thier address and skin type

Hey Liz, so excited you will join us for the Spa Party. I am going to personalize your pampering kit, so would you say your skin is more dry to normal or combination oily? All the products are fragrance free, paraben free & dermatologist tested! May I also get your mailing address? Have a fun weekend❣️

Mailing the Sampler Packers

I chose White 8 x 10 envelopes. 
They cost approx $1.50-$1.60
 We bought stamps 75 cent stamps and put two stamps per envelops. or 2 stamps plus a 10 cent stamp. 

Weigh one at the post office and then buy stamps to mail from home!


What to put in the sampler packet:
TW Miracle Set strip (in her formula),
Charcoal Mask sample,
current Look Book,
your business card,
and the  Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board  (pdf below)
& a short note.

CLICK THIS IMAGE to download a PDF
Print on cardstock
SCREENSHOT or RIGHT CLICK IT for a jpg (Save Image As...).

When do I begin posting in the FB Group?

As soon as there are 5 or more people in the Group you
want to welcome them to the group and TAG them
in the post!  See example below. 

Let's welcome our new members to Lindsey's Spa Party! I will be messaging you to get your skin type and mailing address! Have a wonderful weekend Emilie Allen, Liz Kincheloe-Spain Wood, Kristen Dautzenberg, Lyndsay Woods, Becca Witler, Janene Cowley Felter, Lindsey Allen

SCROLL DOWN in this email to click the link at the bottom to see ALL the posts that you can schedule ahead of time. You will see a post about turning on notifications which I do
10 days Before the party.

 I kick off the Party ONE WEEK before the Party
begins with posts twice a day. 

If you use Vizzlie there is also a Vizzlie Spa Party Template


TAGGING people in party posts!

The way to get people to see posts
is to pick some of the posts and go into comments and TAG EVERYONE in the group during the 7 days of posting!

FB How to Tag someone on Facebook:

when people comment on  posts during the 7 days before the party.  You want to build a light and fun atmosphere of chatting back and forth.

👇🐼This is an example of us chatting about favorite lip gloss colors!👇🐼
Have FUN!


Private FB message EVERY Guest with the Party Prep List.  

Hi <first name>!! Looking Forward to tomorrow night, just making sure you received your samples. Here is a prep list. We are starting at <time>  It will last around 40 minutes!  Let me know if you have any questions❣️


 Go <<Live>> in the FB Group in the morning, holding up samples & the Tic Tac Toe sheet.

Then remind them to also get:

two wet wash cloths
and a small bowl of water

It's really helpful for them get the cleanser off.

go in and TAG everyone in the group in the COMMENTS!!!


DAY of ASK HOSTESS to message her guests 10-15 minutes
before the party.

GIVE her these words to send out with the FB Group link!

REMIND HER 30 minutes before the Party begins!

The party starts in 10 minutes!  Click here to join <FB link to group>

Your FB Live Virtual Spa Party

Here is a FLOW CHART to show you how the party will work!
You will wash your face in the FB live.  
YOU can choose the products to romance while the Mask is drying
I chose:
Skinvigorate Brush, Skin Revealing Facial Peel, Microdermabrasion, Hydrogel Eye patches,  Naturally Oil, MK lip gloss

CLICK THIS IMAGE AND IT WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW LARGER (It will get larger if you turn your phone, too.
*Phone must not be in locked screen rotation mode.)

 Fun Names for Products:

Toning Lotion - Jiggle Lotion
Wrinkle Filler - Botox Pen
Repair Set - Botox in a Box
Charcoal Mask - Peppermint Patty
Eye Patches - Cappuccino for your eyes/Pretty Sweet Little Rose Petals
Peel - Botox in a Bottle

Here's a video of my first <<LIVE>> from
a Spa Party in Facebook
Click it to watch it!
If I can do this, YOU can do this!
Believing in you & empowering you to do this!

Closing the Sale

1.  Respond to Tic Tac Toe Board messages
2.  Post BOOKINGS and Sales updates in FB Group
3.  Reminders of Party Closing

You pick the day for the party to end.  Usually 3-4 days after the Live party ends.  It is up to you.  You just need time to FOLLOW-UP!!

You can also make party posts for AFTER the party!


to send back the Tic Tac Toe sheet to you.  
(I do it 15 minutes after the party ends.)

Message this back to them:

Thanks so much for being a part of <hostess>'s party!  Your gift from me is you may pick 1 of these items at 50% off!  Congrats!
FB message this picture for your guest to pick 1 item at 50% for sending you her Tic Tac Toe board after the party!

Here is a Virtual Party Checklist to help you keep track of all the activities you need to do for each party and all the guests that come!

When you're ready to schedule your posts, CLICK THIS LINK to go get all the content you need for the Spa Party!
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